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Clothing Racks

The importance of using your floor space to the maximum advantage is key to your store’s profitability. Firefly Store Solutions offers the small and medium size retailer big box value with its incredible selection of clothing racks in a wide array of sizes, shapes and styles.

A clothing rack is designed to help you sell. However, one should not overlook the importance of aesthetic in the display and sales process. The look and feel of your clothing display racks can connect with customers, drawing them in from the normal traffic paths toward the styles they like. Consider using a combination of clothing racks and display units at varying heights in order to add visual appeal. Combining clothing racks with the use of mannequins and display tables can be a great way to do this.

Additionally, clothing racks play a key role in creating the kind of customer traffic and product accessibility that facilitates sales. When planning your floor area, examine your store’s space – to help you determine the most efficient way to use your entire retail space. Plan to position clothing racks in areas that will attract customer attention, yet allow for easy access and free movement about your store.

Remember to select a display system that will accentuate your store’s overall brand identity.  You’ll want to find a unit that matches the mood and look of your brand. Choose from round clothing racks, double bar racks, rolling racks, tie belt racks and more. Best of all, each of these options are available at Firefly Store Solutions.

Looking for a stylish boutique clothing rack or something more on the order of a sleek chrome garment rack? Whether you’re a boutique, department store, lingerie shop or consignment shop, you’ll find the clothing rack that best suits your needs at Firefly Store Solutions. While you’re looking for the right clothing rack, don’t forget to check out our wide assortment of display cases, jewelry displays, slatwall units, pricing equipment and so much more. Let Firefly Store Solutions be your one-stop shop for retail fixtures and retail solutions.

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Collapsible rolling rack
Item: SWF
Price: $51.00
Collapsible rolling rack
Item: RCW-4
Price: $65.00
Rolling rack
Item: K-43
Price: $61.00
Raw Steel Rolling Rack
Item: RSR-SH
Price: $99.00
Raw steel rolling rack
Item: RST-SR
Price: $64.00
Single Rolling Rack
Item: FDL-SR
Price: $74.00
Vintage single rolling rack
Item: BQ-SR
Price: $62.00
Rolling rack
Item: RK-3818
Price: $72.00
Double bar rolling rack
Item: RCS-3-SC
Price: $89.00
Single Bar Garment Rack - 54" H
Item: RB2-54
Price: $32.95
Single Bar Garment Rack - 63" H
Item: RB2-63
Price: $38.95
Double bar clothing rack
Item: BBR-76
Price: $51.00
Double bar rack
Item: K-40
Price: $69.95
Garment rack 2-way
Item: K-20
Price: $41.00
Garment rack 2-way
Item: K-25
Price: $42.50
Garment rack 4-Way
Item: K-10
Price: $53.00
Garment rack 4-Way
Item: K-12
Price: $54.95
Garment rack 4-Way
Item: K-15
Price: $59.95
Garment rack 4-Way
Item: K-13
Price: $54.95
Garment rack 4-Way
Item: K-14
Price: $56.95
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